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Do you want to be involved in power-challenging, community-based journalism?

Story Meetings are where you can pitch article ideas, help brainstorm content, or be assigned a story. They’re also a way to learn about the Leveller and introduce yourself.

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Our next story meeting is Thursday, September 7 at 7pm on Jitsi!

Can’t make it? No problem! Email editors@leveller.ca to pitch us a story.

Production Cycle is now monthly for this new volume. The due date for this production cycle will be 17 September and publishing on 24 September. Our google calendar has the 2023-2024 schedule with all story meetings and publishing dates; here’s the same calendar as a simple webpage.

We Pay per story, please read the Honourarium Policy for information on being paid.

Our Guides will help you understand expectations for contributing. Please take a look at our Submission Guidelines if you would like to get published. Our Leveller News & Analysis Writing Guide provides the framework for our stories.

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