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Ottawa’s favourite independent newspaper went digital-only for Volume 13, due to the COVID-19 public health crisis. With no print version to distribute, the Leveller has not sought after advertisers. We will continue to receive an annual levy Graduate Students’ Association and save costs by temporarily suspending our print issue. However, we do still expect a deficit this year.

We hope readers and community members will want to support our work and have decided to accept donations and subscriptions through Liberapay. We have chosen Liberapay because they will not be taking a cut your payments, as a nonprofit who shares their services freely. All donations are also anonymous, which allows us to retain our independence and inclusive access to our content. On our Liberapay page, the number of donors and donations are visible to the public.

To be clear, the Leveller will always be free. We will never hide our content behind a paywall. This is not the first step towards intrusive pop-ups begging you for money. We do want to make it possible to financially support our independent, power-challenging journalism.

These donations will help support the newspaper through the 2023-2024 issues, and helps us compensate staff and contributors for their work. The Leveller started as a pure volunteer project and remains a labour of love, but we have grown to pay contributors and staff for the labour the put into the paper. We would like to keep growing.

Please consider becoming a patron of our work at the Leveller with a one-time, non-renewable donation or an annual pledge that can be automatically renewed.

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