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  • Oct 2023
    23 October
    Shireen Abu Akleh in a flak jacket labelled "Press"

    Carleton launches award honouring slain Palestinian journalist

    By Josh Lalonde On September 22, the Carleton University School of Journalism and Communication launched a new award for journalism students: the Shireen Abu Akleh Emerging Reporter Award in Social Justice Journalism. The award is named in honour of Palestinian-American Al Jazeera journalist Shireen

  • 23 October

    Hallowe’en Horrorscopes

    By Medium Rare Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) Shriek, Scorpio, shriek! Too often you’ve kept your true feelings in a box – but, at last, the time has come for you to immerse the world in the sound bath of your piercing, banshee song. But what will dance past your lips when at last you open

  • 23 October
    Portrait of Logan Staats

    No Ford Prison in Kemptville

    By Amanda Wilson Opponents of the controversial prison that the Ford government plans for Kemptville are joining forces to hold a benefit concert in nearby Ottawa. Headlined by Mohawk singer-songwriter and rising star Logan Staats, the concert will take place on Friday, November 3. The southern Onta

  • Apr 2023
    29 April

    May 2023 Horoscopes

    By Medium Rare Taurus (April 20 – May 20) – HMS Victory To victory, Taurus! This month you are well-placed for some truly heroic accomplishments if you just let your innate courage flow through you. You have an opportunity to use your powers for good and leave bullies in your wake — yet to truly ent

  • 24 April

    Post-secondary students in Ottawa seek safer gym spaces with women’s only hours

    By Anne Tuba It’s an ordinary day on campus, and the Algonquin Recreation Centre is filled with students on all floors, running, lifting weights, and climbing. The weight section is packed with dozens of people — the majority of them men, but only a handful of women.  Meaghan McNamara, a women’s var

  • 22 April

    A Review of Kasama

    By Jessie Krahn Montreal-based Filipino Canadian comic artist Allan Matudio’s debut graphic novel Kasama is an action-fantasy jam-packed with drama, lighthearted humour, and mysterious folklore. Beyond that, the comic is also exceedingly successful as a heartfelt homage to Filipino culture. Publishe

  • Mar 2023
    29 March

    Ottawa Police oversight board continues attacks on public participation

    By Robin Browne The Ottawa Police Services Board (OPSB) continues to respond to criticisms of its restrictions on public participation by imposing even more. In theory the board exists to provide democratic public oversight over the Ottawa police. In practice, they seem determined to shut out critic

  • 28 March

    Anime for leftists: A guide for fans and newcomers alike

    By Jessie Krahn Audiences around the world may watch anime for entertainment and escape, but there are many series and films that reflect real world political struggles in fun and thought-provoking ways. That’s life-giving at times like these, when news of climate catastrophe, widening wealth gaps,

  • 26 March

    April 2023 Horoscopes

    By Medium Rare Aries (March 21 – April 19) (Celebrity birthdays: Rosa Luxemburg, Abdullah Öcalan, Jackie Chan) Better watch out, Aries: this just might be the best month you’ve ever had. Now I can’t make any promises, but with things looking like they do… well, damn. I almost wish the signs were mor

  • Feb 2023
    27 February

    The Leveller’s Media Recommendations

    By Tim Kitz and Ashton Starr Media matters. Governments are more corrupt and unaccountable without strong media to report on them, for starters. More importantly, story-telling is one of the only ways the exploited can level the playing field against those oppressing them. The consolidation and mono

  • 26 February

    March 2023 Horoscopes

    By Medium Rare Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) This month, Pisces, you are the golden child. You will swim through the stream of life like a Midas trout, devouring all the little fish that you require, while your scales become ever healthier and more resplendent.  Yet watch out! Gold is a heavy metal —

  • 1 February

    Stuck with the Suburbs

    By Amy Oldfield The city of Ottawa is massive. Amalgamation has made the city so bloated that it’s difficult for a progressive candidate to win the mayoral seat — as we saw in last fall’s election — even with the strong support of the central wards of downtown Ottawa. This problem compounds di