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The Leveller is a left-leaning newspaper covering Carleton University, University of Ottawa, the city of Ottawa, and the wider world. Our aim is to provide news and analysis in support of people everywhere who are fighting against all forms of oppression – among them, racism, sexism, homophobia, and capitalism. We are a democratic organization, and we side with people over profit.

The Leveller is a volunteer project that pays small honourariums. We couldn’t publish without people like you writing and editing articles, taking pictures, doing illustrations, laying out the paper, and giving it to people. Your interest in volunteering is important to us, and we want to make it enjoyable and satisfying for you by spelling out how things work and how you can help.

Volunteering for the Leveller generally falls into four categories: editorial, production, distribution, and business.

Editorial work has to do with the content of the paper. Editorial volunteers come up with story ideas, or write stories, or edit stories as they come in. Story editing involves making the story clearer or stronger, ensuring it has the necessary information. Copy editing involves fixing spelling and grammar, double-checking names and titles, and making sure style conventions are consistent for each piece. Proofreading involves finding last-minute errors in a laid-out issue. Listings coordination involves tracking down events in Ottawa and compiling them into a list.

Production involves putting the paper together. It includes laying out the stories and adding graphics (photos and illustrations) to make a solid visual design. Layout of the paper using InDesign is the central part of production and is mainly the responsibility of the production manager. Photography management and illustration are also part of production.

Distribution entails getting the paper into readers’ hands, or to places where people will pick it up. Delivery of the paper to already established distribution spots at Carleton University, the University of Ottawa, and other places in downtown Ottawa is very important. Handouts of copies to passers-by in high-density areas is also an important part of distribution and is an effective way to expand readership.

Business is all the stuff that has to happen to make sure we have the money to get the paper printed and pay our staff. The operations manager is responsible for this general area, but volunteers are needed to assist. Volunteers can help with advertisement sales, particularly to small businesses off campus that might also serve as distribution spots for the paper. Helping with fundraising is another way for volunteers to support the Leveller.

Still interested?

If you want to create content for us:

If other roles have caught your interest, fill out the Leveller Volunteer Application Form and email it to operations@leveller.ca.

Opportunities to get involved are also posted to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.