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The Leveller's Media Recommendations

27 Feb 2023
By Tim Kitz & Ashton Starr

Media matters. Governments are more corrupt and unaccountable without strong media to report on them, for starters. More importantly, story-telling is one of the only ways the exploited can level the playing field against those oppressing them. [continue reading]

March 2023 Horoscopes

26 Feb 2023
By Medium Rare

Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20)

This month, Pisces, you are the golden child. You will swim through the stream of life like a Midas trout, devouring all the little fish that you require, while your scales become ever healthier and more resplendent. [continue reading]

From the archives:

February had some kinds of commemoration of the one-year anniversary since the so-called "Freedom Convoy" occupied most of downtown Ottawa. Here's what we've said about it last year:

Defunding the police after the “Freedom Convoy”

The police won't save us from the next convoy or fascist movement

1 March 2022
By Josh Lalonde

While the so-called “Freedom Convoy” has now been cleared from downtown Ottawa, many questions remain about how the Ottawa Police Services (OPS) has handed of the crisis. Many Ottawa residents have expressed frustration at OPS’ failure to enforce laws and by-laws that were openly flouted by the convoy. How does the OPS response to the convoy affect the ongoing struggles around defunding the police in Ottawa? The Leveller spoke with some of the organizations involved in that struggle to find out. [continue reading]

The United People of Canada’s Summer at St. Brigid’s

21 October 2022
By Amy Oldfield

On a bright, cold day in September, a group of Lowertown locals and community activists gathered outside of St. Brigid’s Church to celebrate an eviction. Protestors brought chairs, donuts, and hot chocolate. One played NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” on a portable speaker. Riffing on the same theme, another protestor carried a sign that said “Bye Bye Losers.”  [continue reading]

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