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Just because your landlord has given you an eviction notice doesn’t mean you have to leave your home. Learn more, with this levelling guide to eviction notices.


The first kind of eviction notice you might receive is an informal one. 
You might get an email, letter, text, call, voicemail, or any kind of notice from your landlord telling you to move by a certain date.

You do not have to move.
 You can choose to ignore this date. 

An informal notice is not the same as a legal eviction order. Your landlord cannot do anything to you if you ignore this notice. Use this as an opportunity to learn about your landlord’s intentions, learn about your rights as a tenant, seek advice, and organize with your neighbours.

N 4-N8, N12, N13 FORMS

Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) forms N4, N5, N6, N7, N8, N12, and N13 are notices your landlord might send you to tell you they want to end your tenancy by a certain date. These forms are not legal eviction orders, they are simply notices that your landlord intends to evict you.

You do not have to move. 
They cannot kick you out just because they gave you this notice.

If the eviction notice indicates a problem you can address, such as non-payment of rent, correct the problem. If the issue has nothing to do with your actions, you do not have to respond to your landlord. You should still make note of your landlord’s intentions. Either way, talk to your neighbours and get their support.


Your landlord might file an application with the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB). This form will be called L1, L2, L3, or L4. This form will be accompanied by a Notice of Hearing with a date and time at the LTB. Seek advice from the Collective Justice Centre.

You have to attend this hearing date or else your landlord can get an order to evict you.


Your landlord might tell you to sign a form called N11: Agreement to End the Tenancy. They are trying to get you to move without having a hearing at the LTB. If you sign this form, you will end your tenancy voluntarily.

Do not sign this form or you will give your landlord permission to evict you.



  1. Make sure all correspondence with your landlord is over email or in writing. If they try to meet with you or call you, tell them you are too busy to talk. Tell them to send all correspondence in writing.

  2. Do not sign anything your landlord gives you before consulting with the Collective Justice Centre.

  3. Always have witnesses, like friends and neighbours, present when you are meeting with your landlord.



If you are facing a landlord-tenant problem or have a concern about local mass evictions, you can contact the Collective Justice Centre for support and law help. They hold open hours for tenants in partnership with the law school of the University of Ottawa every Friday from 6-8 pm at the Albion-Heatherington Community Centre (1560 Heatherington Rd).

3 Replies to “Guide to Eviction Notices: Do not be fooled by your landlord’s eviction notice!”

  1. My landlord just advised me last night he will be giving me a letter that he is want me to move out but november 1st, as he will be moving in,(this is a triplex unit) in which i have been living here the longest, starting my 7th years (which mean i pays the lesser amount of rent) – and he has just rented the 2nd floor (they have just moved in august 1st.

    he say he want to do this the friendly way.. as the landlord live at his prentm and he says they want him to move out.

    1 sign my 1st lease back in 2014, and been renewed with price increase every year (but i havent re-signed a lease since then.

    what kind of right do i have?

  2. My landlord is evicting all 8 units in our building, because the new buyers will not final the sale until building is vacant. My wife and I have been living here for 25 years , we pay 600 a month and are on Ontario works.
    When landlord informed us about eviction she had us sign a form but we did not receive a copy yet and that was almost 2 weeks ago and eviction was for 60 days.
    I know I should have not signed anything but my wife suffers from extreme anxiety and I just wanted to end the intraction to end . Is there any thing I can do not to lose my home

  3. Tracey hatchen u can contact me at my cell number its bc housing run by raincity a bunch of liers to all tenants making problems to cause tenants to want to move out lots of tenants are having issues from here need ur help

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