t seems to be a trend that, after a Muslim commits an attack, Imams and Muslim leaders have to apologize on behalf of all Muslims. However, whenever similar atrocities are carried out by white folk, no such apology is expected.

On Jan. 15, two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand became the victims of white fascist terrorist Brenton Harrison Tarrant. The attack left at least 50 people dead and 40 others injured.

There are really no adequate words to express the heartbreak and tragedy of this event.

Those fascists don’t understand the true meaning of being white. 

This act was particularly gruesome because it was live streamed on social media for the world to see.

Those involved in producing The Leveller tend to be a diverse bunch from a variety of backgrounds. But as we look around the room while putting the final touches on this particular issue, we’re looking pretty pale.

So, in response to the New Zealand attacks, The Leveller would like to apologize to the Muslim community, on behalf of white people around the world, for the heinous attacks committed by white supremacist Nazis in New Zealand.

We would like to extend our apology to say we’re sorry for all the horrible shit we’ve done over the years. From the Atlantic Slave Trade ー where many African Muslims were enslaved by Europeans and North Americans ー to countless bombings and invasions of Middle East countries, white people have caused a lot of pain and suffering.

Closer to home, overt and covert acts of Islamophobia are regular occurrences in Canada. Not that long ago, Québec passed Bill 62, banning anyone from receiving provincial or municipal services while wearing a niqab or burqa. Further, Muslims in Canada are regularly subject to racist and offensive treatment by their white peers. And that’s to say nothing of our own little mass-murdering, mosque-attacking brat-fascist Alexandre Bissonnette.

Here at The Leveller, we don’t condone such actions. To the contrary, we actively try to stop them. In our 10 years of existence, our dedicated journalists have written numerous articles challenging phenomenons like Islamophobia and Israeli apartheid.

Away from our computer screens and style guides, we show up for solidarity rallies and anti-racist marches. We try to get in the way every time fascists and supremacists skitter out from under whatever slimy rock they call home. We speak up when friends and families indulge in stereotyping or ‘edgy’ jokes.

Anyways, the purpose of this editorial is to provide an apology in the name of white people to Muslims of all shapes, colours, and sizes. Surely that’s overdue at this point?

We know that we white people are a minority on a global scale and that many of us came to your countries as strangers — who you welcomed. Believe it or not, many of just want to integrate peacefully into international society and live quietly as good global citizens. Despite what you may pick up from the media, not all white people are vile, violent, fascistic haters. (Surprising, huh?)

Look, some of us are even prepared to appear on the news program of your choice with carefully groomed hair and a nice suit and tie. Speaking in a measured, moderate, profoundly reasonable tone we will say:

“We recognize that there are problems in our community. Many of our disenfranchised young people have been seduced by dark and radical forces. They have taken refuge in vile fantasies and dangerous ideologies that provide the false comfort, that scapegoat others for the failures of our own culture.”

(After all, you may have noticed that we’ve built a totally ecocidal, genocidal, suicidal, and utterly unsustainable system over here. Don’t worry, we won’t say that on TV — the advertisers wouldn’t stand for it. We’ll keep it euphemistic. But you’ll know what we mean.)

“Recognizing that there is a problem is the first step to recovering from it,” we’ll intone soothingly.

And we mean it. Because these nationalists, these supremacists, these fascists — they don’t understand the true meaning of being white.

In the words of former Neo-Nazi turned anti-racist activist Shannon Foley Martinez, “as a white person, it is my responsibility to dismantle white supremacy.”

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