By Leveller Editors

Tight on time and cash and wondering where to find a neighbourhood spot that’ll feed feed you like family? We’ve all been there. Social justice warriors need happy bellies, even in times of austerity.

So the Leveller Editorial team rounded up recommendations for favorite food spots that deliver on delicious meals, generous portions and non-inflationary prices.

Fontenelle Restaurant – 55 Montreal Rd, Vanier
An old relic of a diner on the edge of Vanier with a very loyal customer base. Classic, hearty breakfasts for under $10, and a full lunch menu, too.

La Bottega Nicastro – 64 George Street, Byward Market
Huge deli sandwiches filled with your choice of bread, Italian deli meat, cheese – all for $7 and topped with antipasto, pickled eggplant, peppers and fresh veggies too. A sure way to cure a hankering.

Kettleman’s Bagel Sandwiches – 912 Bank St., Glebe
Wood-fired bagels make these generously stuffed sandwiches some of the best in town. All sandwiches come in at under $10 but some of the tastier and most reasonably priced are the Breakfast Bagel, Vegetarian TLC and BLT.

Horn of Africa Ethiopian364 Rideau St., Downtown
There are many reasons to love Horn of Africa. You get to eat with your hands, the dishes are richly spiced meat and vegetarian stews, they’re served with spongy Injera bread and most of the choices are as satisfying physically as as they are financially (i.e., usually under $10). Favourite plate hands down is the Yebeg Kay Watt, which is lamb drowned in complex and spicy Berbere sauce.

Good Eats – 473 Albert Street, Downtown
They’re only open 7-2:30 so if you’re in the neighborhood, count yourself lucky. Their menu changes often but it’s always full of creative, healthy options for breakfast under $7, next-level soups and salads you actually look forward to digging into.  

New Pho Bo Ga La784 Somerset St. W, Chinatown
It’s hard to go wrong with dozens of pho places in this neighbourhood, but at Pho Bo Go La the soup bowls are the size of kitchen sinks, the sides are fresh and the servers are always friendly.

Quê Hùóng – 787 Somerset St W, Chinatown
Banh Mi are tasty and affordable Vietnamese sandwiches. This place has a special place in our heart, seeing as it’s a one-woman operation run by a friendly and somewhat deaf grandma in her 80s, Le Nguyen, who came to Canada as a refugee in the ’70s.

Shawarma Palace – Bank, Rideau, Carling, and Orleans
Shawarma might just be the perfect drunk/hangover food. It’s flavourful, filling and packed with both veggie goodness and garlicky grease (to mop up all that alcohol). There’s great shawarma places everywhere, but with five locations around town, there’s probably a Shawarma Palace near you.

Aljabal Bakery – 6469 Jeanne D’Arc Blvd N, Orleans
This place is out of the way even for Orleans, but go if you get the chance. The Lebanese pies are astonishingly cheap and delicious, and the owners will treat you like family.

YKO BBQ Chicken – 375 McArthur Ave, Vanier
At this restaurant of foods done  the Cote d’Ivoire way, you can get an order of chicken, rice and plantains for $12.50 – and it will probably lasts you more than one meal.

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