By Adam Ashby Gibbard

It’s been discovered that Facebook’s emotion sensing implants have been collecting more information than we thought. The companies implants, which they provide for free, have been very popular throughout the world, with 3.6B people adopting them since they became available three years ago.

The implant, called FacePlant, is a small device which connects to the activity of your frontal lobe, allowing you to instantly monitor and share your emotions and location live. Faceplant has also been hailed for its ability to monitor other levels in the body, preempting  illness and being able to inform hospitals and police in an emergency.

The devices, which are easy to install have also been found to be very difficult to remove, flying in the face of the company’s claims that removing them would be as easy as putting them in.

A two year study by the European Union has discovered that Facebook has been collecting more information through FacePlant than we thought, including people’s blood type, hormone levels and, worst of all, audio.FacePlant

The company has come out saying that the “new features” were meant to be activated over time, and with the direct approval of the user. Facebook is investigating why they have already started collecting data.

Facebookers have been shocked about the news. Mary Bobado, a FacePlant user for two years, said “I feel like they know everything about me! I thought privacy meant something to them, but I guess not.” She declined to comment on whether she was going to stop using the service.

This article first appeared in the Leveller Vol. 10, No. 5 (Feb/Mar 2018).