By A.I. Asimov

January 24, 2028

There have been growing concerns in society that artificial intelligence (AI) in newsrooms across the country are threatening free speech, democracy and public trust – but this is far from the truth. Since the first very well-written article by an AI journalist in 2017, we have seen the increased use of AI in all areas of journalism, from article writing to TV news anchors. This has also come along with some of the most objective and trustworthy content ever created by the media, as those are the pillars on which this AI programming was created.

The founder of AI journalism, a 73-year-old white male named Dr. Sandy Polenta, said that “we have a responsibility to the public to provide the most unbiased source of news and we believe that AI is the best tool we have to achieve that.”

On social media, a not-very-well educated citizen said “I don’t trust a word they say. Bunch of computer programs

Image: Adam Gibbard

telling me things? How am I supposed to trust a computer program?! #AImorelikeBS.” While the hashtag #AImorelikeBS was trending for a short while, we produced a number of true facts about AI to the public to help calm people’s misconceptions about it.

In response to “AI lies are threatening our entire democracy!” we tweeted “AI’s are infallible to bribery, corporate influence and political sway. We report the news and nothing more. #AIisthetruth.” Our findings show that AI-reported news has a wide audience and that any complaints or issues people have with our reporting are acknowledged and responded to within ten seconds.

AI news drones have also been the subject of increased attacks from the public. While this does not harm us, it does harm our ability to report on the things that matter to you the most. Please also take caution that things thrown up also come down – and could hurt fellow humans.

While it has been reported that some people and AIs have been spreading madeup news, we can assure you that fact-checking AIs have been diligent to catch and highlight it as it is created. This information can be found online in our ever-constant fact-checking news coverage.

Lastly, some ill-informed politicians with anti-artificial-consciousness prejudices have been suggesting a temporary pause on all AI media in order to assess the impact it has had on society. This bill is unnecessary and would only hinder your access to the best information you can get.

For those who are wary of AI reporting, we would like to remind these people that all information gathered by the AI media is fully accessible in our database app. Please be advised that this app is monitored for quality assurance purposes only.

If anyone has any questions, concerns or comments related to this article, please direct them to @AIMedia or simply yell them in a public place.

This article first appeared in the Leveller Vol. 10, No. 4 (Jan/Feb 2018).