BRIEFS - BottlesNotCans_Brian Edgecomb_OttawaGlebeBeerStoreAn Ontario-wide Day of Action was held on Saturday, Jan. 24 as part of the United Steelworkers’ “Bottles, Not Cans” campaign. One hundred and twenty United Steelworkers members in Toronto were forced on strike by Crown Holdings, Ltd. on Sept. 6, 2013. According to the steelworkers, Crown Holdings’ plant in Toronto produces over 5 million beverage and food cans per day for customers such as Molson, Coors, Labatt, Budweiser, Moosehead, Creemore, Morgan’s, and Cott. The Ontario Day of Action saw pickets at Beer Stores across Ontario urging customers to purchase bottles, and not cans, in boycott of Crown Holdings for its failure to negotiate with United Steelworkers and resolve the more than one-year-long strike. In Ottawa, pickets took place at the Beer Stores at 900 Bank St and 209 Rideau St from noon until 2 p.m. The steelworkers’ fight for negotiations and a fair contract has gained the support of the workers’ movement in Canada and around the world, including the Canadian Labour Congress and unions in Ukraine, Belarus, Malaysia, Ghana, Germany and the US.

This article first appeared in the Leveller Vol.7, No. 4 (Jan/Feb 2015).